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GrowSmart RI Supports $35M Green Economy Bond

Published 05/26/2016

Grow Smart RI is committed to strengthening Rhode Island’s economy in a sustainable and equitable way. The organization supports best practices in compact mixed use development and redevelopment in revitalized urban, town and village centers, investments in multimodal transportation infrastructure and responsible stewardship of RI's natural resources, including farmland, forests, coastline and the Bay. GrowSmart RI supports...

EPA Awards $16M to Clean Up New England Brownfields

Published 05/20/2016

Nearly $16M in EPA grants to 35 municipalities and organizations throughout New England will provide funds to help protect people's health and the environment, boost local economies, and revitalize communities.

What’s New in Flood Hazard Mapping

Published 06/22/2015

The Federal Emergency Management Agency continually releases new flood maps and data, giving local communities access to information they can use to make decisions about flood risk. It’s important for property owners to know their local flood risk and flood zone designation. Licensed land surveyors and professional engineers like SDE/LDEC can also submit requests on...